Hand-drawn portraits from photos

Newlyweds portraitA portrait is an excellent gift: It can be a wonderful souvenir or a cherished token of memories. An elegant, well-drawn portrait serves as a great decoration for a room in your house! Let us draw or paint your family, children, friends and pets!

Capture memories:Would you like to restore the memories or your grandparents and make a portrait of them from a old picture? We can do it

Commemorate: There are many occasions and moments that are worth capturing in a portrait-
  • wedding
  • anniversary
  • birthday
  • proposal
  • baby's milestones
  • graduation
  • vacation
  • promotion
  • retirement

100% hand-drawn and hand-painted portrait will be done according to your requests. As a reference we use photos that you can easily send us through Internet or by mail.
Artistic portrait of a girl in graphite
Quality: Before sending it to you we make sure you are satisfied with it.
We have experience in drawing and painting both live and in-studio portraits in different techniques using different media. We draw realistic looking portraits and use our experience and skills to create a piece of artwork that will express your love, care and the best memories of your life and the life of your beloved people!


We usually use one or several photos as reference for a portrait. Sometimes the artist combines a few pictures to find the best position, face expression or lighting. Picture below(Pastel portrait of a wedding couple) - artist combined photo shown for a groom's face and another one to show a bride with the more flattering lighting.


Paster portrait of Russian wedding couple
Photo reference of a wedding couple
We paint color portraits using pastels and for black and white portraits we use charcoal or graphite. These media are traditionally chosen by artists to reach a great likeness and add artistic value to the portraits.
Memorial pastel portrait
Photo of Norberto Montalvan
Color portrait memorial in pastel. Changed the shoulders to depict a more relaxed pose
Memorial pastel portrait
Photo of Victor M. Payes
Color portrait memorial in pastel. Client wanted different clothing
Pastel portrait of couple's anniversary
photo reference of anniversary couple
Color portrait in pastel from seperate photos combined to make one
Pastel portrait of new mom and daughter
photo reference of new mom and daughter
Color portrait of mother and daugther in pastel. Portrait that every mother wants to have with her child. Excellent gift for a new mommy.
Color Pastel Portrait of young girl
photo reference of girl
Color portrait of a young girl in pastel
Charcoal portrait of Girl and Cocker Spaniel Dog
photo reference of Cocker Spaniel and girl
Black and white portrait drawn in charcoal. Yes, we draw pets too! In fact we love animals and will be happy to capture yours in the picture.